(Wo)Man’s Best Friend – Pet Photography

9 Feb

They are there when we are sad, there when we are happy, and there …when it is really cold in the middle of a rainy night to wake us up to go pee.

But we love them just the same!

Who’s your best buddy?  Here are some of mine…

This is Ginger, who was recently sprayed by a skunk and zoomed back in the house smearing herself on everything, resulting in a REALLY stinky house for a few weeks.  I washed her 5 times with different solutions (thanks to all my friends’ suggestions) and finally she doesn’t smell like Pepe le Pew anymore.

And this is MeiMei, a 15-lb. Maine Coon, one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met.  She loves to eat grass, hates guitar (or my singing), and hates to be carried like a baby (although her mom and dad beg to differ!)

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