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Shoot films in Los Angeles!

24 Mar

In a grassroot effort to bring more film shoots back to Los Angeles, Filmworks LA ( and Shooting Movies in California ( put together a PSA (Public Service Announcement) shoot on March 22, 2011, in Studio City.  I was honored to participate and donate my time and effort for a worthy cause by directing the behind-the-scenes documentary of the whole shoot.  You can read more about it here:

All crew members donated time for free – from director, camera assistants, sound recordists, makeup artists, extras, to PA’s.  Multiple vendors donated trucks and motorhomes (Quixote, Paskal, Fisher Dolly, Panavision), and all meals were donated by Sunrise to Sunset.  It was quite amazing to see so many people pull their resources together to bring more jobs back to LA!  Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, True Lies) generously stepped up to be the spokesperson at the last minute (also for free!) and did a fabulous job.

Todd Lindgren, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs at FilmL.A., giving a welcome speech to thank everyone for participating.

The camera crew that plays a camera crew in the PSA

Tia Carrere was beautiful, nice, and professional!

Steadicam Operator lining up a shot

With Bob Fischer, a veteran cameraman, on camera, and Brian Wiedling, a documentary filmmaker, capturing B-roll, we circled around the shoot and interviewed the cast and crew, many of which have been part of the filmmaking community for years if not decades.  Many told us personal stories about how they began in the film industry, their most memorable work experience on a film shoot, and how they would love for more jobs to come back to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world.

Gordon Tokomatsu of KTLA checking out fruit platter served by Craft Services Joey Rivera

KTLA news reporter Gordon Tokomatsu came and did a segment on the organizations’ grassroot efforts.  The PSA will be screened at Mann Theaters before feature presentations, and the documentary will be posted on various blogs and website.  Stay tuned!

Tia with all the kids who acted in the PSA

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