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Downtown Glam Portrait

10 Aug

Zayna was my second Groupon customer.  She selected downtown as the backdrop for her portraits, and wanted some vintage charm.  After spending a day scouting different locations, we picked the Checkers Hotel for the interior location and the garden of the Central Library for the exterior.

The bar area at the Checkers Hotel offers a jazzy, vintage atmosphere

Zayna and I connected instantly with chats about career, boys, and fasion.  She has a beautiful face and the cutest smile!  After a while she loosened up and her playful energy exudes a cute sexiness on camera.

Zayna was actually playing against herself since I don't know how to play chess!

The Central Library was closed that day, which worked to our advantage since there’s less foot traffic.  We picked this really beautiful old doors at one of the entrances to the library for some shots.  There were some homeless people watching us while Zayna posed and smiled like a star.

Give it up for Zayna who was twirling in front of the lunch crowd in downtown LA!

For the outdoors part, we wanted to give Zayna a somewhat more “badass” look that goes with her second outfit with the city as the backdrop. What do you think?

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