Dogs just love to play

25 Mar

Over Christmas holidays in 2013, my husband and I decided to adopt a little pup.  We named her Kona.  She was 3 months old when we adopted her, an Aussie Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix (we think).  Even though she has been living on the streets with a broken leg from a hit-and-run, she has tons of character and lots of energy.


One day after Kona’s arrival

Before long, I started documenting her time with us, and eventually, her play time with all the doggie friends she has met in the park.  Here are a few of them.


Her first friend Kasumi

Since she was a stray, at first we were concerned that she wouldn’t play well with others.  Turns out that we worried too much.  Within a week of visiting the park behind our house, Kona has made more friends than I did in the five years I’ve lived here.  Kasumi was her first friend.  From the first time they met, Kasumi was like a big sister to her.  Whatever Kasumi did, Kona followed.  She learned her first tricks from Kasumi.  When these two run, they look like two flying bullets darting across the field.


Kona learned her first tricks from Kasumi



Then we met Lady, a mild-tempered red-haired Golden Retriever who shares Kona’s love of tennis balls.  


Lady and Kona share a love for tennis balls

Lady is more like a mother figure for Kona.  Whenever Kona gets too rowdy or nippy, Lady sits on top of Kona and tells her to stop.  Their play time is often gentle and fun.



We thought that Kona might be a mix of Aussie Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and maybe Border Collie or Chow chow.  Sometimes she herds us when we walk her in the park, and sometimes she prances.  Like a sheep.



Frankie is a Terrier/Bassett Hound mix.   Don’t underestimate her prowess.  She might have short legs, but she’s an expert in chasing games, and she specializes in the “Frankie Rolling Technique”, aka the somersault.


Frankie and Kona

Frankie and Kona meets almost everyday for some play time in the park.  It’s unbelievably sweet how they wait for each other at their favorite place in the park for the other one to show up.  Whenever they play, we joke that it’s the Tough Mudder for dogs, because they always end up muddy, dirty, but super happy.Image

When Kona can’t keep up with Frankie, she holds on to Frankie’s leash, harness, or even her tail.



Chasing Frankie

Usually, Kona plays with one friend at a time.  A few days ago, we ran into Frankie AND Kasumi in the park at the same time.  They all made friends.


Kona, Frankie, and Kasumi chasing tails


Timmy watched the other dogs play

Timmy is a Chihuaua and Iba Shinu mix.  He was having a slumber party at Kasumi’s house over the weekend.  A little timid and shy, he watched the three dogs play for a while. 

Finally, he decided to join the party.  Here, he is whispering something in Kona’s ears, probably sharing some tricks about hiding socks and slippers.


“Just hide one of each pair of your Daddy’s socks…”

After three months with us, Kona has settled into her life nicely, with daily walks to the park and play dates.  Everyday we discover something about each other – it’s an adventure.  Just yesterday, she discovered her own reflection in the mirror.  I grabbed my camera just in time to capture her barking at the strange dog in the mirror.  Made me smile, and also made me realize that her puppyhood will fly by SO fast!




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