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Hip hop Dancer Naomi

26 Jan

Naomi came to me two years ago for her headshot.  On the phone, she sounds super cute and sweet.  And in person, she’s just as adorable…until she started busting out her dance moves.  It was almost surreal – she moves with such energy and sassiness that people stopped to watch.

Two years later, she found me on my website, and asked to update her headshot after she got a brand new haircut.  She had a very specific location and look in mind.  So one early Saturday morning, I met up with her on a street in Hollywood.  Her new haircut gave her a funky look.  She told me that she was booked so many jobs from her last headshots – something I ALWAYS love to hear from my clients!

Naomi with a pixie haircut

Then she pulled out her red stilettos and started dancing.  I thought I heard music…or was it just my imagination?  Cars drove by honking, people clapped, and I saw a star in the making.

Naomi Collage

For her second outfit, she picked a cute Hello Kitty shirt with a fuzzy winter hat.  Look how cute she is?!Hello Naomi!

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