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Hip hop Dancer Naomi

26 Jan

Naomi came to me two years ago for her headshot.  On the phone, she sounds super cute and sweet.  And in person, she’s just as adorable…until she started busting out her dance moves.  It was almost surreal – she moves with such energy and sassiness that people stopped to watch.

Two years later, she found me on my website, and asked to update her headshot after she got a brand new haircut.  She had a very specific location and look in mind.  So one early Saturday morning, I met up with her on a street in Hollywood.  Her new haircut gave her a funky look.  She told me that she was booked so many jobs from her last headshots – something I ALWAYS love to hear from my clients!

Naomi with a pixie haircut

Then she pulled out her red stilettos and started dancing.  I thought I heard music…or was it just my imagination?  Cars drove by honking, people clapped, and I saw a star in the making.

Naomi Collage

For her second outfit, she picked a cute Hello Kitty shirt with a fuzzy winter hat.  Look how cute she is?!Hello Naomi!

2012 Family Equality Council Awards Dinner at Universal Studios Hollywood

14 Feb

On a beautiful spring evening in Los Angeles, I photographed the annual awards dinner for Family Equality Council.  This year’s event took place at the magnificent Globe Theater, situated on top of the hill at the Universal Studios.

Globe Theater at Universal Studios

Outdoor cocktail party

The event started with a red carpet welcome, followed by a cocktail hour with live music al fresco.  The dinner and award ceremony inside the gorgeous main hall honored Todd Parr, acclaimed children’s author; Chad Griffin, the co-founder and Board President of the AMerican Foundation for Equal Rights, and Patrick Murphy, former congressman who fought to repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military.  Presenters of the award include Director Rob Reiner, Commander John Armantrout, and Actor Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family.

Rob Reiner and Michele Singer

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family

As the guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal, performances by the world-acclaimed Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and Jesse Tyler Ferguson entertained the crowd.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson performs

Gay Men Chorus of Los Angeles performs a medley

For a complete look at all my photos, visit the following link to Family Equality Council’s Flickr page:


Shoot films in Los Angeles!

24 Mar

In a grassroot effort to bring more film shoots back to Los Angeles, Filmworks LA (http://www.filmworksla.com/) and Shooting Movies in California (http://shootmoviesincalifornia.com/) put together a PSA (Public Service Announcement) shoot on March 22, 2011, in Studio City.  I was honored to participate and donate my time and effort for a worthy cause by directing the behind-the-scenes documentary of the whole shoot.  You can read more about it here: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118034281

All crew members donated time for free – from director, camera assistants, sound recordists, makeup artists, extras, to PA’s.  Multiple vendors donated trucks and motorhomes (Quixote, Paskal, Fisher Dolly, Panavision), and all meals were donated by Sunrise to Sunset.  It was quite amazing to see so many people pull their resources together to bring more jobs back to LA!  Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, True Lies) generously stepped up to be the spokesperson at the last minute (also for free!) and did a fabulous job.

Todd Lindgren, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs at FilmL.A., giving a welcome speech to thank everyone for participating.

The camera crew that plays a camera crew in the PSA

Tia Carrere was beautiful, nice, and professional!

Steadicam Operator lining up a shot

With Bob Fischer, a veteran cameraman, on camera, and Brian Wiedling, a documentary filmmaker, capturing B-roll, we circled around the shoot and interviewed the cast and crew, many of which have been part of the filmmaking community for years if not decades.  Many told us personal stories about how they began in the film industry, their most memorable work experience on a film shoot, and how they would love for more jobs to come back to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world.

Gordon Tokomatsu of KTLA checking out fruit platter served by Craft Services Joey Rivera

KTLA news reporter Gordon Tokomatsu came and did a segment on the organizations’ grassroot efforts.  The PSA will be screened at Mann Theaters before feature presentations, and the documentary will be posted on various blogs and website.  Stay tuned!

Tia with all the kids who acted in the PSA

Family Equality Council annual gala – Event Photography

1 Feb

House of Blues Marquee

Last weekend I photographed the Family Equality Council annual gala at the Hollywood House of Blues.  For those of you who hasn’t been there, it’s this shack-looking building on Sunset Blvd. with funky lights and really cool mural-liking paintings on the walls.  The event honors those who have fought for social justice and marriage equality, including the plaintiffs of Prop. 8.  The special guests included actress Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester in the popular TV series GLEE, and Dustin Lance Black, who wrote and won an Academy Award for MILK.

Executive Director of Family Equality Council Jennifer Chrisler with actress Jane Lynch

Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black (R)

I know this is silly, but the entire time I was photographing Jane (with a throne of people who were in line to either shaker her hand or take a photo with her), I kept expecting someone to break into song and dance… and I almost expected her to show up in her famous track suit.  She actually looked marvelous in a jacket and pants, and was very nice and professional!

The entertainment of the evening was the Gay Men’s Choir, whose members not only all look gorgeous, but also can really sing!  I got goose pumps when they all started clapping and stomping during the finale.

The Gay Men's Choir takes center stage

Overlooking the main floor at the House of Blues

John Perez, Speaker of California Assembly, chats with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black at the event

And… Action!

3 Nov


Back in summer, I shot some behind-the-scenes photos for my good friend (and brilliant director) Courtney Rowe.  Courtney was selected as one of the eight (from tens of thousands of applicants!) participants in the world-acclaimed AFI Directing Workshop for Women for the 2010 cycle with her script “Sunnyview”, a comedy about two elderly women who plan a daring escape from a nursing home.

The film shoot took place over 5 days at a magnet elementary school near downtown Los Angeles.  Everyone on the crew were film professionals who took time off various TV shows to work on this project of love.  K Callan, the lead actress, has been in over 100 projects and known for playing Martha Kent in Lois and Clark, was ever so cute and endearing.  She even did some of her own stunts!



It was amazing working with Courtney and her entire crew… the atmosphere on the set was relaxed, professional, and funny.  So cool to see a group of people who are passionate about their crafts pooling resources together to make this happen!  Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

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