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Hip hop Dancer Naomi

26 Jan

Naomi came to me two years ago for her headshot.  On the phone, she sounds super cute and sweet.  And in person, she’s just as adorable…until she started busting out her dance moves.  It was almost surreal – she moves with such energy and sassiness that people stopped to watch.

Two years later, she found me on my website, and asked to update her headshot after she got a brand new haircut.  She had a very specific location and look in mind.  So one early Saturday morning, I met up with her on a street in Hollywood.  Her new haircut gave her a funky look.  She told me that she was booked so many jobs from her last headshots – something I ALWAYS love to hear from my clients!

Naomi with a pixie haircut

Then she pulled out her red stilettos and started dancing.  I thought I heard music…or was it just my imagination?  Cars drove by honking, people clapped, and I saw a star in the making.

Naomi Collage

For her second outfit, she picked a cute Hello Kitty shirt with a fuzzy winter hat.  Look how cute she is?!Hello Naomi!

Crystal Cove Beach Engagement Photo

15 May

Photographing Ava and Bruce was like reading a romance novel.  When they lock eyes with each other, the love is so thick that it makes me melt!

Ava & Bruce

Ava & Bruce

We picked a slightly European setting for the first part of the engagement photo session.  Who knew Orange County could double for cobblestoned Paris?

Then we moved to the Crystal Cove Beach for a more casual feel!

Crystal Cove Beach

Crystal Cove Beach

Ava&Bruce_Sel-66 Ava&Bruce_Sel-72

Family Portrait at the Huntington Library

31 May

Meredith was one of the first Groupon customers who contacted me after she purchased a Groupon for Marie Chao Photography.  Since she has an annual pass to the beautiful Huntington Library, she suggested that as the location for her family portrait session.  It was a perfect spring day: light breeze in the air, puffy clouds in the sky, flowers blooming… I was surprised how many people were waiting in line to get in when we arrived at 10:30 am!

Since the Groupon deal is for a 30-minute portrait session, Meredith already had a location planned – the Lily Pond.  We found a quiet corner by the pond, and off we went.  Doesn’t it look like an image from a fairytale story with his fiery red hair?!

Charlotte is a three-week old (!) beautiful baby girl.  She was super cooperative and I captured some tender moments between her and her family.

I wished that I could’ve stayed at the Huntington Library to walk around… but I had another shoot to run to!  A lady’s 90th birthday party!

Groupon Deal – $50 Portrait Session in Los Angeles!

18 Dec

I’m launching my first ever Groupon Deal!

Many friends have mentioned Groupon to me for the past few months, and I decided to check it out myself yesterday.  Turns out that they have all kinds of cool deals: Segway ride, Food Tour, Pole Dancing class?! Pretty awesome.  So I decide to start my own Groupon store and launch a deal too!  It’s a mini portrait session (30 minutes) for up to 3 guests (so you and your friends can all chip in for the $50 price- totally affordable!), redeemable for up to 6 months after purchase.  I think this will be a great way to meet new people in the LA area!

Here’s the link to the Groupon deal: http://www.groupon.com/merchants/marie-chao-photography/deals/50-for-200-worth-of-portrait-session-at-marie-chao-photography

Looking forward to meeting you!

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